THIS IS NETWORK is a studio of digital artists committed to telling stories regardless of the screen size.  Our creative teams: design for superheroes, discover beauty in data, build in pixels, dream in storyboards, find life in cinema, create graphic symphonies, write sci-fi in script and code, edit sequences into visual poetry, balance sexy with smart, experiment as a routine, plan with lenses, animate what can’t be made in the physical world… tell stories through images.   


Kimberley Dervin | Producer / Managing Partner

Alexander Dervin | Creative Director / Partner | 


Founded in 2006, THIS IS NETWORK has been an evolving creative venture ever since.  Clients include Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks, Viacom, 20th Century Fox and Real World Studios.  Finding unique ways to tell stories has been a constant, while producing documentaries of all length, highly crafted sequences, viral campaigns and films in collaboration with brands or studios.

In 2014, NETWORK created the d.b.a. WEIWARD to produce live-action and create longer form work.  Our team has traveled the world creating lasting imagery while developing authentic stories. All projects maintain a strong bond with their audience and deliver a memorable experience.


For more information about NETWORK or WEIWARD:

Postal Address: P.O. Box 1512, Hwd, CA 90028